Quick Cover Fiber Spray

Quick Cover Fiber Spray instantly thickens your hair, concealing thinning areas and grays within seconds for a full and flawless look. Our specialized hair building fibers combined with jojoba oils create a fuller, healthier, rich appearance.

Product Benefits:

  • Hair thickening fibers help conceal and cover thin hairs, gaps in your hair lines, and medium bald spots.
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Pillow and smudge proof
  • Washes out easily with shampoo
  • Holds like hair spray (No more 2-step application!)
  • Infused with jojoba oil


  •  Shake well before each use.
  •  Hold the can 4-6 inches from your hair.
  •  Apply to dry hair for more effective results. Spray evenly until gray and thinning areas are covered thoroughly.
  •  For removal, easily wash out with shampoo.