LIFT UP Powder Lightener

LIFT UP Powder Lightener has a gentle yet effective formula that provides the lift required to achieve the desired results. The maximum de-dusted formula provides a pleasant lifting experience that can lift up to 7 levels (results may vary depending on your hair’s health). LIFT UP Powder Lightener is a highly concentrated formula.  It is designed to work best with less powder and more developer than what other brands suggest.  Please follow directions exactly for best results and to save powder (and to save money!)


Always perform a strand test before applications.


  • There are any cuts, scratches, or abrasions on contact area.
  • Scalp is sensitive or irritated.
  • Hair is recently relaxed, permed, or textured within the past week.

1. Wear gloves.

2. Mix 1:2 with cream developer. If your hair has chemical damage, mix 1:3 ratio. Stir until mixture becomes thick and creamy.

3. Apply onto hair evenly with brush. Make sure to fully saturate your hair with the bleach mixture to achieve even results.

4. Leave on and check regularly until desired level of lightening is achieved. Do not leave on for more than 60 minutes to avoid over-processing.

5. Rinse and shampoo thoroughly.