KissColors_Education_Basic_Heat Protection     KissColors_Education_Basic_Heat ProtectionAre you afraid of getting your hair damaged by using heat tools?  No worries!
Here are some tips you can learn to protect your hair from heat damage.

1) Buy good tools
It is good to buy tools that have adjustable temperature controls.
So you can adjust the the temperature of the heating tools.

2) Repairing Damage
Deep condition your hair weekly afte shampoo.

3) Regularly Trim Your Hair
The ends of your hair will be the most damaged from heat styling tools.  
Trimming those breakage or split ends will help maintin your hair and keep it healthy.

4) Lastly, Use Heat Protectants
Before you use any flat irons or blow dryers, use our Argan Oil Heat Protectant spray and oil.

  • Heat Protectant Spray: Because spray is aqueous, you want to make sure you don't use when using flat irons.
    It might burn your hair!  Please use heat protectant spray before using a blow dryer to protect heat damage.

  • Heat Protectant Oil: Before straightening your hair with flat irons, apply oil on your hair to protect from heat damage.