KissColors_Education_Basic_Bleach 101

Bleach is the process of removing pigment from hair.  Powder lightener is mixed with developer to create a mixture that is applied onto hair.  This mixture will raise the cuticle and dissolve melanin in the cortex.  

Bleaching can be a rather harsh process.  It is best to perform a strand test before attempting to bleach all your hair.  Performing a strand test will let you know how your hair reacts to bleach and what time is required for your desired level of lift.

When bleaching hair, make sure you avoid hot roots. 

This is when the heat from your scalp causes formula to
react faster.  When applying bleach, make sure you apply bleach starting
from mid-shaft to ends, then work up to the roots.  

Types of Developer:

10 Volume: 3% peroxide, Lifts hair 1 to 2 levels lighter. 

20 Volume: 6% peroxide, Lifts hair 2 to 3 levels lighter.

30 Volume: 9% peroxide, Lifts hair 3 to 4 levels lighter.

40 Volume: 12% peroxide,

All developers will open the hair cuticle.  The higher the volume, the more the cuticle will be open.  When using 40 Volume, it is highly recommended that you proceed with care.  As the formula is strong, extra care is needed to make sure hair is not damaged. 

Depending on your hair condition and desired results, different developers will be necessary.