1. Hair Dye Application

    Hair Dye Application

    kisscolors_Education_Basic_Hair Dye Application
    Use these tips for a smooth application process!

    1. Wear plastic gloves to prevent any staining that can occur on hands. 
    2. Apply protective  cream around hairline and neck.
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  2. Hair Color Maintenance

    Hair Color Maintenance

    kisscolors_Education_Basic_Hair Color MaintenanceWant your hair color to last longer?

    After you spend a lot of time and/or money getting your hair done, the last thing you want

    is for your hair color to fade quickly.  These tips can help your hair color last longer!

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  3. Stain Removal

    Stain Removal

    Kisscolors_Education_basic_Stain Removal

    The best way to avoid staining on your skin before you dye your hair is...


    The best thing you can do when dyeing hair is to take preventative measures.  If you use a protective cream around your hairline (like petroleum jelly),

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  4. Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Kiss Express Color)

    Semi-Permanent Hair Dye (Kiss Express Color)

    kisscolors_Education_Basic_Semi-Permanent Hairkisscolors_Education_Basic_Semi-Permanent Hair

    Semi-permanent hair dye, sometimes called rinse or hair gloss, is used to deposit color only.
    Unlike permanent hair dye, color is deposited without raising the cuticle.

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