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    Note: This promotion is valid until supplies last. Only one Express Colors swatch book and one Quick Cover swatch book per registered professional account.


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  2. Jojoba Oil 101 for Hair

    Jojoba Oil 101 for Hair

    KissColors_Education_Basic_Jojoba Oil 101 for Hair

    5 Amazing Benefits of Jojobal Oil For Hair:

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  3. Tips to Find the Best Root Touch-Up Product for You

    Tips to Find the Best Root Touch-Up Product for You

    KissColors_Education_Basic_Root Touch Up

    Don't know what to do with your gray roots?  
    Here are 3 tips to help choose the right root touch-up products for your beautiful hair!

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  4. Tips to Protect Hair From Heat Damage

    Tips to Protect Hair From Heat Damage

    KissColors_Education_Basic_Heat Protection     KissColors_Education_Basic_Heat ProtectionAre you afraid of getting your hair damaged by using heat tools?  No worries!
    Here are some tips you can learn to protect your hair from heat damage.

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  5. Sleek Edges

    Sleek Edges

    How I Get My Edges Sleeked All Day- Tips to Avoid Ugly White Residue

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  6. Hair Chemistry 101

    Hair Chemistry 101

    Before you get into coloring hair, it’s useful to understand the structure & chemistry of hair.

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  7. Bleach 101

    Bleach 101

    KissColors_Education_Basic_Bleach 101

    Bleach is the process of removing pigment from hair.  Powder lightener is mixed with developer to create a mixture that is applied onto hair.  This mixture will raise the cuticle and dissolve melanin in the cortex.  

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  8. Color Theory

    Color Theory


    Let’s take a look at the color wheel.

    There are three primary colors: yellow, red, and blue.  These are original colors cannot be created by mixing different colors.  Primary colors are mixed together to create secondary colors. 

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