FAQ - General

Do I need to bleach or lighten my hair for your Semi-Permanent Dyes?

Since our semi-permanents are deposits, you will need to bleach or lighten your hair to achieve the most vivid results. Most of our Tintation Semi-Permanent Dyes require at least a level 5 for darker shades and a level 8 for the lightest shades.

How long do your colors last?

Depending on which product line you are using, as well as your hair care routine, your results may vary. Our Tintation Semi-Permanents can last between 8-12 washes. Our Express Color Semi-Permanents can last up to 30 washes. Our QuickCover Semi-Permanents can last between 8-12 washes. To keep your color lasting longer, here are a few tips:

  1. Shampoo in cold water (hot water strips color)
  2. Use a sulfate free shampoo
  3. Avoid heat styling
  4. Avoid swimming pools and the ocean
  5. Add a little color in your conditioner to refresh your color during each wash.

Do your products require a developer?

Our Semi-Permanents are ready-to-use straight out of the bottle! No need to mix anything in, unless you are diluting the color with conditioner to achieve a lighter color.

What is Express Color Crystal Clear for?

Crystal Clear is not a dye or lightening product. If applied on your hair, it will add shine but will not have an effect on your hair color. This product is meant to be mixed with other dyes to dilute the color or make the color more pastel.

Where can I purchase your products?

Our items are found in most independently owned beauty supply stores across the United States. We also sell online at www.bejour.com/hair-color-care. Currently we only ship to the United States and Canada.